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White Star Movers has prepared the following Moving Checklist to assist you in planning for the relocation process. Depending on the size of your move, timing can vary. Feel free to contact us at any time with questions. Download our move planning checklist!

Two Months Before

  • Chosen your mover and signed an agreement for service?
  • Decided if you will pack your belongings or have them packed?
  • Separated and planned out what to do with prohibited items?
  • Decided what items will be kept and transported, discarded, or donated to charity
  • Prepared your mailing list of all the people who need your change of address?
  • Host a garage sale or begin online auctioning any unwanted items?

One Month Before

  • Changed your mailing address or had it forwarded via the US Postal Service?
  • Canceled or forwarded any subscriptions?
  • Contacted banks, credit card companies, magazine subscriptions, hirer purchase and rental companies with change of address.

Seven Days Before

  • Defrosted, Aired-out, and thoroughly cleaned the refrigerator/freezer?
  • Drained the gas/oil tanks of powered tools such as lawn mowers?
  • Planned where items and furniture will be placed at new residence?

Day Before Move

  • Ensured all packing has been completed?
  • Marked or labeled any fragile or special attention items that will be packed/loaded
  • Made arrangements for pets and small children during the move?
  • Connected/Disconnected utility services of your new/old home

Day of Move

  • Taken a final tour of the home after packing and loading has been complete to ensure all items wanted have been removed from the home? (cupboards, closets, attic)
  • Ensured that all utilities have been disconnected and shut off?
  • Closed all windows and doors, and remembered to lock up?