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Your Trusted Partner for Stress-Free Local Oakland Twp. Moves

Whether you're relocating within the neighborhood or moving across Oakland, Twp, White Star Movers is committed to ensuring a seamless moving experience. Our professional moving consultants will visit your home at no cost to evaluate your specific needs and provide an accurate estimate. We pride ourselves on offering top-notch packing, moving, and storage solutions tailored to fit your requirements and budget. To help you stay organized and prepared, we also provide a comprehensive checklist for the big day.

Our comprehensive menu of moving services includes:

  • Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly: Our skilled movers will expertly handle the disassembly and reassembly of your furniture, ensuring its safe transportation.
  • Do-It-Yourself Packing and Supplies: We offer a range of packing materials and supplies, empowering you to pack your belongings efficiently and securely.
  • Labeling, Inventory, and Loading: Our meticulous approach includes labeling and inventory management, ensuring that every item is accounted for and loaded with utmost care.
  • Transportation Services: White Star Movers provides reliable transportation services, ensuring your belongings reach their destination safely and on time.
  • Unloading: Once we arrive at your new location, our professional team will handle the unloading process efficiently and with great care.
  • Assembly/Disassembly: We assemble and disassemble your furniture and other items as needed, saving you time and effort.
  • Crating and Containers: We offer custom crating and secure containers for delicate and valuable items to provide maximum protection during transit.
  • Storage-in-Transit/Long-Term Storage: We have you covered if you require short-term or long-term storage solutions. Our secure storage facilities ensure the safety of your belongings.

At White Star Movers, we understand that every move is unique. Our team is committed to providing exceptional service tailored to your Oakland County specific moving requirements.