Unpacking Checklist


Once you have successfully moved to your new location, follow these steps for an easy, stress-free unpack:

  • Begin by unpacking only one box at a time.
  • Set aside a large box to put paper in to keep your workspace clean and organized.
  • Don’t worry about the placement of items, focus on unpacking. Organization can be done later.
  • Start with the kitchen – After a long day of unpacking, you want to cook and eat a meal without delay
  • After, begin unpacking the bedroom and any necessary toiletries. This way, you are prepared for a good night’s sleep after a long day.
  • When unpacking items, lay packing paper and other materials flat to ensure you have unpacked all small items.
  • Make sure all cleaning, painting, and utility installation have been completed prior to the move. It is easier, and quicker, to complete a move when the renovations have already been completed.
  • Recycle or save all packing materials for future use. Save money and save the environment!