Should You Pay For Packing?

When moving down the street or across Michigan, there are many things to check off your to-do list that hiring a professional packing and moving service might be the way to go. Remember that there are mulitple options available, from packing your entire household to packing selected things only. 

If cost is not a big consideration, then think about hiring professionals for both packing and unpacking. Many services offer everything from packing up your household to unpacking and setting up your new house. Still, before you hire or even decide to hire, you should weigh the time and energy compared to the cost involved in hiring professionals to pack and unpack your home. 

Many important factors impact your home moving success – For example, your organizational skills, your financial judgment, the moving company you hire, etc. – however, proper packing is arguably the most significant one – it means the difference between receiving your items intact and having them arrive at your new residence in pieces.  

Even before you set your moving budget and hiring your mover, you would focus on the key question – Will you pack yourself or hire packers? Of couse, White Star Movers can do all of it for you.

It would help if you came up with an answer as early as possible, as many important things depend on it:

  • If you’ll need to buy packing supplies or not
  • If you’ll need for a full-service mover or not
  • What extra services are needed
  • Your final moving cost
  • Time left over for other moving preparations

The use of professional packing services saves you time and effort, yet, will cost extra money. Alternately, self-packing can help lower your moving expenses but will increase the very real risk of damage to your belongings during the move (in addition to plenty of time and hard work).

So, to proceed with your moving plans, first make an informed decision about the packing method that best fits your preferences and requirements – packing yourself or hiring professional packers.

Pros and Cons of Packing Yourself

Packing yourself seems to be the logical choice, as you can sort your belongings and have control over what to pack when and which items to pack together. Additionally, for some, the mere idea of strangers interfering with your personal belongings may make you feel anxious and uncomfortable. Not to mention using professional packing services will cost you a pretty penny.

So, to guarantee your peace of mind, pack your belongings in a meaningful way, and save money on your move, you might choose for self-packing.

Disadvantages of Self-Packing

Packing mistakes could ruin your moving experience. On the other hand, self-packing can be the cause of tension and conflicts. The cons of DIY packing fall into three main categories:

Lots of lost time

Packing is extremely time-consuming. It is vital not to underestimate the time required for packing an entire household. If you make this mistake you can end up frantically throwing everything you own in boxes at the last minute and the results will be catastrophic.

A lot of time is required to pack your items properly. And even though you will have the freedom to choose how much time a day to spend packing, you will lose time that you can spend doing other moving tasks or enjoying non-moving related activities.

Greater risk of damage to your possessions

You will obviously be very careful when packing your own belongings, but odds are don’t have the experience needed for safe and efficient packing.

You are not a professional, so you don’t have the best techniques for packing different types of items and aren’t familiar with the various risks that the moving process may pose to your stuff.

Suppose you pack your items yourself, but don’t use quality packing supplies and don’t use appropriate packing methods. In that case, you can easily end up with a shipment of shattered breakables and ruined valuables.

Important to note: If your movers notice improperly packed items before loading them on the moving truck, they will require the items to be properly repacked at your expense.

No liability

Traditionally movers will not accept liability for damage to items that you pack yourself.

Finally, keep in mind that some household items are just too difficult to pack and move – large furniture pieces that need disassembly, delicate pieces that need special care, specialty items that have specific packing requirements, etc. Such items are better left to the professionals.

If you decide to have packing professional prepare your items for moving be open and honest about your needs and expectations. If you are extremely concerned about a few fragile or valuable items, there is nothing wrong with moving them yourself.

Communication can play a big role in the success of your move.

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