Packing Supplies

Prior to purchasing your packing supplies, determine the correct quantity of boxes you need, including number of each type of box. Also make sure you choose durable materials that are of high-quality to ensure they keep your items safe and protected during the moving process. If you are packing your own residence, feel free to purchase your packing materials through us, and we can guarantee you have all the supplies necessary.

Moving Boxes

  • Small Box – Best for small, heavy objects like books and record albums.
  • Medium Box – Great for packing items such as kitchen utensils, small framed photos, and small appliances.
  • Large Box – Ideal size for storing things like pots, pans, and toys.
  • Extra Large Box – For lightweight, bulky items such as linens, comforters, pillows and towels.
  • Dish Carton – This box has a double-thick wall so it can protect the most fragile glassware.
  • Mirror Carton – The perfect box for packing flat fragile items such as pictures, mirrors, or glass.
  • Wardrobe Boxes – Designed to store clothing on hangers, drapes and bedspreads.
  • Mattress Boxes/Bags – keep your mattress protected, as well as debris and dust free during the relocation process.

Packing Materials

  • Newsprint Paper – keeps fragile items clean and protected.
  • Tape – keep your boxes sealed and protected.
  • Plastic wrap – used to protect your furniture during the relocation process. Plastic wrap protects furniture from rips, tears, scratches and damage of any kind.
  • Permanent Markers – ideal for appropriately marking all packed boxes. Noting the contents and location of the items on the outside of the box will ease the unloading process at destination.
  • Paper pads – used to wrap pictures, mirrors and other flat fragile items. Wrapping your items in paper pads will keep them protected, as well as free of scratches and breakage.