Money Saving Tips

Make sure move-in day runs smoothly with these helpful tips.

  • If able, unassemble any furniture that needs to be disassembled prior to your move day. This will decrease the time necessary for your moving crew to complete your relocation.
  • Collect all receipts of donated items, as you can receive possible tax deductions.
  • Decrease the number of items you want transported. Host a garage sale, auction items online or take unwanted items to a consignment shop.
  • Pack the residence yourself. Be sure to check our packing tips for a smooth process.
  • During packing, reuse materials rather than buy new. Check with your local grocery store for free boxes.
  • If you are moving during the winter months, make sure all walkways (such as your driveway) are clear of snow, ice, or any other obstacles.
  • Do not schedule any contractors on move day. This will not only slow down the moving crew, but the contractors as well.
  • Choose to self-move items such as lamps and pictures.