Long Distance Moving Checklist


White Star Movers has prepared the following Moving Checklist to assist you in planning for a long distance move. Depending on the size of your move, timing can vary, these are just guidelines. A printable version of this checklist is also available. Feel free to contact us at any time with questions.


Printable Checklist

3 months before:

  • Chosen your mover and signed an agreement for service?
  • Decided if you will pack your belongings of have them packed?
  • Cleared through your basement, attic and garage?
  • Separated and planned out what to do with prohibited items?
  • Decided whether to ship your car or not?

2 month before:

  • Decided what items will be kept and transported, discarded, or donated to charity?
  • Prepared your mailing list of all the people who need your change of address?
  • Host a garage sale or begin online auctioning any unwanted items?
  • Contacted banks, credit card companies, magazine subscriptions, hired purchase and rental companies with change of address?
  • Gathered important documents such as passports, birth/marriage certificates and other documentation?
  • Checked the status and/or applied for any necessary visas?

1 1/2 months before:

  • Changed your mailing address or had it forwarded via the US Postal Service?
  • Decided whether or not to buy any new household items?
  • Made necessary arrangements for pets?

1 month before:

  • Decided on which clothes to take with you?
  • Disassembled climbing frames/garden furniture?
  • Discussed and decided on insurance value/terms with your mover?
  • Connected/Disconnected utility services of your new/old home?
  • Returned all library books?
  • Cancelled or forwarded any subscriptions?
  • Found a place for your plants? (Plants cannot be transported)

7 days before:

  • Defrosted, Aired-out and completely cleaned the refrigerator/freezer?
  • Arranged for simple meals on your moving day to avoid using appliances?
  • Separated items to put in your luggage for personal travel?
  • Thoroughly cleaned garden tools, bicycles and any other gardening equipment?
  • Drained the gas/oil tanks of powered tools such as lawn mowers?
  • Prepared enough medication for at least two weeks, and ensure that you have copies of any necessary prescriptions needed for use at your new destination?
  • Accumulated traveler’s checks or local currency?
  • Arranged for a key person to help babysit any children and pets on your moving day?
  • Planned where items and furniture will be placed at new residence?

Day before:

  • Ensured all packing has been completed?
  • Marked or labeled any fragile or special attention items that will be packed/loaded?
  • Unplugged any electronics that will be packed to avoid them overheating during packing and/or loading?

Day of move:

  • Taken a final tour of the home after packing and loading has been complete to ensure all items wanted have been removed from the home?
  • Ensured that all utilities have been disconnected and shut off?
  • Closed all windows and doors, and remembered to lock up?